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Our mission is to help our customers adopt new emergency service methodologies and, in the near future, data-driven predictive assistance models through our platform as a European gateway for vehicle B2B data.

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Emergency Call (eCall)

Stolen Vehicle

Smart bCall and bCall+ : Predictive approach

Emergency Call (eCall)

At ARC Europe, we prioritize the safety and security of drivers on the road. Our Emergency Call (eCall) service leverages advanced technology to quickly and accurately connect drivers with the appropriate public assistance in the event of an emergency, such as an accident or health issue.

When the eCall device in a vehicle is activated, it establishes a direct emergency call with our call center, transmitting both voice and data. Our highly trained specialists then assess the situation and quickly deploy the appropriate emergency services, ensuring that drivers receive timely assistance when they need it most.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Our Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) service offers customers a remote tracking solution to help them to recover or immobilize their vehicle if it has been reported stolen.

Our call center agents act as the first line of contact in the event of a potential theft, verifying customer and theft details while guiding them to obtain the necessary theft report. Our network of local Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and police partners, in compliance with country regulations, are then mobilized to track the vehicle.

Smart bCall and bCall+ : Predictive approach

Data support is transforming our organization into an IT platform company. In this sense, it has also changed the profile of our company, as well as the skills and knowledge required to provide the best support services.

Through our new predictive assistance line, we seek to limit the number of people experiencing an incident on the road and develop services that improve the user experience with its car, with mobile repairs and transportation services.

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Emergency Call

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Smart bCall and bCall

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