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We are proud to be a pioneer in the roadside assistance field and to lead the way in the assistance ecosystem for electric vehicles.

As the demand for EVs grows, we have made targeted investments to meet the evolving demands of electric vehicles.
Our comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to support drivers throughout their electric journey.

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Roadside Assistance for Electric Vehicles

Charge Station Assistance


Roadside Assistance for Electric Vehicles

Our certified roadside patrols, flexible mobility solutions, collaborations with charging station infrastructure partners, and on-site charging solutions all have a strong focus on customer experience and environmental responsibility for greener, more sustainable mobility.

Roadside assistance technicians are now more likely to encounter electric vehicles. Recognizing the great importance of the health and safety of roadside technicians and towers, ARC Europe has developed an internal electric vehicle roadside assistance standard as well as an accreditation and labeling process for all our network partners across Europe, helping to provide a unified roadside assistance network across Europe.

To strengthen the network’s core roadside assistance capabilities and address a clear customer demand and potential choke point of range anxiety, ARC Europe has deployed a fleet of portable in-vehicle charging solutions, providing battery assistance to flat electric vehicles. Our mobile AC chargers can provide up to 15 km of range in 25 minutes.

Charge Station Assistance

In addition to our fundamental roadside assistance capabilities, we have expanded our services to include charging station assistance. Our support services now offer both first-level indoor and second-level outdoor support and maintenance to customers experiencing issues at public and private charging stations.

We continually monitor the evolving electric vehicle ecosystem and adjust our services to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers.

E-Customer assistance

We prioritize providing excellent customer support and effective incident management, with a focus on delivering top-notch service over the phone. Our E-Customer Assistance platform is a cornerstone of our customer satisfaction strategy.

Our team of specialists has extensive experience and knowledge of electric vehicles from various brands, enabling them to troubleshoot and provide support over the phone or at charging stations using our customers’ specific processes and guidelines.

We understand that building owner confidence, knowledge, and assurance is essential, and our agents regularly update our central database of electric vehicle knowledge, including the latest information on new brands, cars, and specifications. We are committed to helping electric vehicle drivers with all aspects of their journey and providing exceptional support every step of the way.

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