ARC Europe unifies its companies under one brand – ARC Europe!

ACTA becomes ARC Europe France & Starter24 becomes ARC Europe Polska

Today ARC Europe is reaching an important milestone in its transformation process initiated in 2016 with the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Assistance companies in Poland, France, Russia, Greece, and the launch of ARC Europe insurance brokerage company.

As of the 8th of June, companies in Poland and France will operate under one brand – ARC Europe. Therefore, ACTA will commercialise its mobility services under the name ARC Europe France, and Starter24 under the name ARC Europe Polska.

Animated by its recent successes, delivering customer care and assistance services for OEMs electric vehicle range, and its capacity to deliver data-driven services such as bCall, eCall, SVT, and predictive and preventive assistance through one platform, the 700 employees company across 5 countries is pursuing its evolution as mobility platform provider for the automotive industry.

ARC Europe engaged an important transformation process, making the best use of its existing assets to enhance its competitiveness and deliver a digital assistance experience to its B2B and B2B2C partners, and by onboarding new profiles and skills such as data scientist and software engineer, to deliver connected services, enhancing road safety and proactively deliver assistance solutions based on vehicle alerts.

“The current pandemic challenged our industry but also boosted some of our key strategic investments on electric and connected services, and on our positive assistance solutions, based on data analysis and predict and prevent solutions , emphasizes Stefano SARTI, Managing Director of ARC Europe. “Our strategic plans initiated 2016 are becoming the new normal and acting as one mobility platform provider will enhance our capacity to leverage our existing collaboration with OEMs, and develop our collaboration with different players on the mobility ecosystem,  such as big dealer organisations, , spare parts providers, insurance and Leasing companies, mobility infrastructure providers, to assist them in their own transformation”.

It is also a new chapter in the history of ACTA. Over the last 20 years, the company has gone a long way from a local roadside assistance company to one of the market leaders, operating within the international Group. “It’s a major step for ARC Europe France and our business partners to strengthen our development on the French market and be fully identified as a part of the international company supported by major European Automobile Clubs”, says Raphael GUIGNIER, CEO of ARC Europe France. Same spirit is shared by the CEO of ARC Europe Polska, Marek ZEFIRIAN: “It will enhance our capacity to invest and benefit from the synergies the group can create within their diversified structure. We strongly believe that thanks to the common identity we will improve our agility to better respond to new business challenges and changing needs of our Clients and Partners”.

The current rise from ARC Europe’s B2B partners requirements demonstrates the need to connect with the entire aftersales ecosystem and moving as one brand is the initial step to be recognised as one global platform by our strategic partners.