Aiways selects ARC Europe to provide mobility assistance to their drivers in Europe

ARC Europe, the largest provider of B2B roadside assistance and mobility solutions in Europe, announced today a strategic cooperation with Aiways, the chinese EV manufacturer deploying his vehicles in Europe, by signing a 3 years contract to deliver mobility solutions to their EV drivers.

Leveraging on ARC Europe’s expertise on the electric field, Aiways has launched EV mobility assistance services in France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark during the 1st quarter 2021. Further countries will be jointly deployed during this year, following Aiways’ new distribution model roadmap, and granting peace of mind and immediate mobility solutions to Aiways’ drivers.

“Our partnership with Aiways goes beyond the electric mobility assistance deployment in Europe” said Stefano SARTI, Managing Director of ARC Europe Group. “Aiways is coming with a complete new digital ecosystem, starting from their innovative distribution model, and at ARC Europe, we are collaborating with Aiways to disrupt the roadside assistance experience, and move towards a positive assistance model”

As the leader in the OEMs’ assistance landscape, ARC Europe’s collaboration with Aiways is about developing predictive assistance model, where customer support will be provided before an incident, based on ARC Europe’s data model, and providing simultaneously a very high customer satisfaction level and a new source of positive income for the OEM and its Distribution network.

Aiways is one of the first Chinese manufacturer to bring EVs and sustainable mobility to Europe, with a new digital distribution model that will rely on online sales channel and digitalized customer support services.

“As a new brand in Europe it is especially important for us to rely on an experienced partner. We are glad to count on professional support for our customers”, says Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways.